From small incentives up to mega events: Our GUEST OPERATORS unit provides guest management services for all requirements and for all relevant target groups – with maximum flexibility and safety.


Customised to the specific requirements of press events: Our unit MEDIA OPERATORS offers individual solutions for the long-term support of media target groups.



Management, administration and generation of data.

No contacts without data. And without contacts, no accessibility of target groups. The strategic development of mailing lists and the systematic administration and management of data form the basis for a professional and efficient Guest Management. MEDIA OPERATORS offers individual data distribution solutions for the specific requirements of target groups – with the inclusion of new media representatives such as bloggers or influencers. And of course in compliance with the highest level of data protection.

Strategic. Safe. Always up-to-date.

The Services.

  • Strategic and efficient development of mailing lists
  • Systematic administration and management of data in compliance with the highest level of data protection
  • Data management according to "Information security for secret data" on the base of the VDA IAS and ISO 27001 standards
  • Generation of high-quality, qualified and valid addresses and data
  • Permanent screening and updating of the existing data sets
  • Proactive investigation on changes
  • Continuous administration of returns (e.g. after the mailing of newsletters or press releases and event returns)
  • Categorisation for example based on special interests or other features


Continuously cross-checked and updated for consistently high quality.

Anytime and anywhere:

Maximum data protection guaranteed.

The dealing with sensitive data is part of the core competences of MEDIA OPERATORS and of the parent enterprise punktEins. The compliance with high safety standards is guaranteed throughout each step in the planning and the implementation of an event.

In accordance with VDA ISA – the Information Security Assessment of the Association of the Automotive Industry, punktEins is certified for level 3 (Secret Data).

Flexibility of data management.

The Software.

The software tool of MEDIA OPERATORS makes the guest management within the framework of press events even more efficient, flexible and mobile.

Tested under toughest conditions. 
The system has been used at countless events, partly with thousands of guests, and proved to be very successful and it has since then been continuously optimised.

Maximum adjustment. 
Each event is different. Due to its modular design, our system can be specifically customised onto the particular requirements of your event. Functionalities and design can be completely custom-tailored.

Comfortable, intuitive, mobile. 
Our flexible, web-based software tool supports you perfectly in the complete participants logistics – at each step, online and offline, available in real-time and at any location.

One system. All options.

The functionalities.

  • Adaptive system
  • Modular principle
  • Holistic approach
  • End-to-end solutions
  • Certified data protection
  • Highest level of safety
  • Security for all characters and languages
  • Possibility for customisation
  • Possibility for a complete layout in the Corporate Design of your company
  • Mobile access via App at any location
  • Multilingual user interface
  • Support of many character sets (e.g. Cyrillic or Chinese characters)
  • Client system for use by several departments
  • Sleek in design for quick data transmission
  • Merge function to merge identical persons
  • Data export in Excel, Word and PDF
  • Import module for updating or completing new data bases
  • Logic engine for the selection of persons
  • Freely definable surface design for website
  • Tracking of history of changes in the data sets
  • Offline systems for use in areas with restricted internet access
  • Protection against power failure or loss of internet connection at events
  • Administration of hotel contingents
  • Travel planning and transfers
  • Access authorisations for defined areas
  • Provision and administration of press car pool



Permanent, proactive data management
Setup of mailing lists
Generation of address data
Certified “secret data” (ORGA 27, highest level of information security)

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